The Photojournalism

An unique and modern space with a surface area of 1,200 m² and an extremely flexible layout



From August 7, 2021, to January 30, 2022, the Toit de la Grande Arche de la Défense is honored to dedicate the 1,200 m2 of its cultural space to the exhibition «Paparazzi from A to Z,» featuring the most outstanding shots, official or not, of the photographer of the stars, Daniel Angeli.

t is a bygone era that will be displayed on the roof of the Grande Arche, a place with a breathtaking view. The ideal setting to showcase more than 200 mythical or secret photos of the artist, including many unpublished, echoing an era that was both light- hearted – the great celebrity parties, the antics of the royal fami- lies, the vacations of the jet set, the naked bodies …, and at the same time scandalous, since the stolen picture wasn’t eased by cell phones at that time, – as sometimes it took a couple of days of hiding to Angeli to capture a moment that will be famous around the world. Renowned for his countless magazine covers, in France and abroad, Daniel Angeli has nevertheless remained a man of the shadows with an unmistakable flair, hidden behind his countless photos known to everyone…
From the iconic Gainsbourg family picture on a hammock to those of Romy Schneider naked on a boat, or to the most famous portrait of Simone Veil, nothing has slipped through Daniel Angeli’s keen eye, who was also Johnny’s official pho- tographer for 20 years. There is a rocker’s soul in Angeli’s eyes, the fact that he loves the heckling caused by the revelations, but at the same time respects these great stars to whom he devotes a sincere love.
In 60 years of career, it is the first time that such exhibition is dedicated to this great artist of the photography, unveiling many unpublished artworks, stories from a past world… A way to live again strong moments that have marked several generations.

Exhibition plan

Cultural events with a focus on current affairs

The “Arche du photojournalisme” is the first exhibition space ever to be created in France dedicated exclusively to photojournalism and reportage photography. Its artistic director is Jean-François Leroy, who founded the international photojournalism festival “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan”. The “Arche du  photojournalisme” will be holding four major exhibitions a year for a period of three months each to honor major French and international reporters. The work of  Stephanie Sinclair will be put on exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the new gallery.

The gallery also has auditoriums located on the same floor where conferences, lectures, and debates will be held to supplement the photography exhibitions. Many temporary exhibitions will also be offered on the most interesting themes of the moment. This supports the intention behind the creation of the “Arche du photojournalisme” as a place where cultures can mix and visitors can see the world from a human perspective.

This also echoes the architectural design of the Grande Arche itself: an open window onto the contemporary world that helps visitors to see it in a different way and to both absorb it and contribute to it.

Jean-François Leroy

Jean-François Leroy is a journalist with a passion for photography. He has contributed articles to magazines such as Photo-Reporter, Le Photographe, Photo Revue, and Photo Magazine. He was also a reporter for the agency Sipa Press before becoming the agent of the photographer Dominique Issermann.

He is the director and co-founder of the international photojournalism festival
“Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan”. This annual festival showcases works that
demonstrate Leroy’s commitment to an engaged and living photography that spans all generations. Now in its thirtieth year, the festival offers visitors a unique view of the contemporary world. Jean-François Leroy is now also the Artistic Director of “L’Arche du photojournalisme”.

Under his artistic direction, a series of exhibitions will be held to display the work of major photojournalists as well as up and coming young talents. All the photographers whose works are exhibited wish to bear witness to historical events as they unfold.

Photojournalism Prices

OPEN EVERYDAY FROM 10:00 TO 19:00 (Last admission at 18:30)

Prices for The Promenade :

  • Full Price : 15€
  • Reduced Price (Jobseeker, Senior (+65), disabled person) : 12€
  • Student Price : 10€
  • Child Price (from 3 to 18) : 7€
  • Free for children under 3

Prices for The Promenade and The Photojournalism :

  • Full Price : 19€
  • Reduced Price (Jobseeker, Senior (+65), disabled person) : 16€
  • Student Price : 14€
  • Child Price (from 3 to 18) : 11€
  • Free for children under 3

Group Price & Work council Price on demand :